Intuition, Implicit Bias, & Learning To Trust Ourselves

Twice in the past week I have been in spaces where a white woman has pointed out the role of implicit bias in intuition. This is true, and I’m glad we’re working to engage with that truth more directly. As I once heard Congresswoman Maxine Waters advise, it is wise to investigate and examine our instincts, impulses, and intuition. I also wonder how many of us (white women) are distorting this wise question and internalizing a belief that we cannot trust our intuition because it is inherently, implicitly biased. This tortured interpretation is solely the responsibility of white women — the message and the messenger are correct, and it is our own woundedness that distorts this wise question into paralyzing insecurity and self-doubt.

I am a consultant & facilitator in the Deep South dedicated to collective liberation, rooted in systems thinking and deep equity.

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